The 8BY8 Pro Project: For Under 9s - U14s. 

The Pro Project is a revolutionary session for the areas’ most exciting talent, whether playing in academies already, or in top end junior football. Sessions include an hour of flexibility and body conditioning with yoga or tae kwondo as part of the programme, followed by a topic based schedule of high intensity football. Places in these sessions are by invite only either through the advanced development sessions, junior football or trial based enquiry. Player allocation for this season will be based on building a team to compete and be successful against academy and elite teams in the North West, matches to be arranged frequently.

Why is it a PROJECT? What’s the idea.

The aim of the session is to give players a real platform to progress into the elite levels, or if in elite levels already then to sustain and improve performance levels. This is a long term idea to support players as their bodies develop. Both Tae Kwondo and Yoga help with flexibility making players faster, stronger and fitter, also reducing the risk of injury. Add this to a high intensity limited numbers football session it’s a recipe for success. Part of the project involves only a maximum of 3 players from one team or social group to increase the learning environment and enhance the social and leadership qualities.

Two Sessions

U9 - U10 5 - 7pm (Yoga)
U11 - U13 6 - 8pm (Tae Kwondo)
Every Tuesday during the school term

South Manchester Sports Club, SK8 4RZ
3G for football and indoor hall for yoga or Tae Kwondo
Price: £16 per 2 hourly session. Paid half termly
Member price: £12 per 2 hourly session. Paid half termly

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