Private Sessions

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Different age groups require different amounts of time, here’s our price breakdown dependant on session length.
Pay per session: £40 for hourly session - £30 for 45 mins - £20 for 30 mins
6 Week Programme: £210: hourly sessions - £150: 45 minute sessions - £100: 20 min sessions *

We deliver private sessions to players at various stages of their football journey. These sessions really are a huge benefit, developing footballing ability but also providing players with confidence to take into everyday life. We’ve witnessed huge progression in short periods with every player we’ve coached. Whatever the stage, aim and ambitions we design the programme/sessions accordingly and make sure each aspect of the four corner model is being delivered. The 6 week programmes include weekly review sheets and session plans, for the coaches benefit mainly but also for parents to understand and view the theory behind the practice.

 *Please note: If you sign up to the 6 weeks programme unfortunately we can not reimburse you for any sessions missed from the customers side. This is solely down to venue hire and the costs involved. It’s often preferred to begin a programme at the start of the term to ensure continuity.